The White Horse Roadshow are proud to introduce the Selfie Wizard as one of our party bolt on options.

The Selfie Wizard allows guests at your party to upload photographs from their own mobile phone to display on a TV slideshow.

After logging onto our own Selfie Wi-Fi with a mobile device, you and your guests gain access to our selfie wizard template. This will enable you or any of your guests to upload a selfie photo or any existing photo stored on your phone, with the option to add a personal message and attach any emotion icons from your phone.

All these photos and messages are stored onto a USB stick and then presented at the end of an evening. We also have the option to allow guests to download any of these photos displayed on the screen to their mobile device. The use of this service is at an additional cost of £30.

What does the selfie wizard offer for your party?

Selfie Wizard is the ultimate party photo media solution where everyone gets involved with the fun and best of all no queuing required!

Are you aware of what a Selfie Wizard has to offer and why it is so different from the traditional photo booth or magic mirror?

Like with any new technology it's not always apparent what it is and what it does differently and why it would complement your party celebration. 

1. The Selfie Wizard can be used by 100% of those attending the celebration by utilising your mobile phone so everyone contributes and gets involved in the party media which in turn becomes a great party memento.
2. The Selfie Wizard not only accepts Selfie photos, but you can also add personal messages and emojis to the photos from any phone or mobile device.

3. All the photos and messages etc are displayed on large TV screen.

4. All the photos and messages etc are automatically stored onto a USB drive which can be purchased for an additional fee.

5. The Selfie Wizard can be accessed 35m from our TV Screen, so meaning no queuing waiting for your turn in a booth or in front of a magic mirror.

6. In addition to taking a selfie photo, the Selfie Wizard will accept any photos which are currently stored on your phone or mobile device. (We are also able to vet those photos before displayed)

7. The Selfie Wizard is very unique in its operation and everyone likes to add something different to their party celebration.

As you will appreciate the Selfie Wizard is unique from your traditional photo booth or magic mirror as it is so versatile.

We love it and so do our clients and their guests.